Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Last Days of American Crime Movie

The Last Days of American Crime MovieDirector Anthony Mandler is set to helm The Last Days of American Crime, a movie adaptation of the graphic novel by Rick Remender. Actor Sam Worthington was once set to have the lead role, but from what I read here and there, he may have left the project since then. The film is listed for a release in 2013 by IMDb. Tanks to IM Global here's the official plot synopsis:

"In the not-too-distant future, the U.S. government has devised a neuro-inhibitor called 'The American Peace Initiative', (A.P.I.) that, once broadcast, will make it impossible for anyone to knowingly commit criminal acts. Graham Bricke is a career criminal who intends to steal one of the machines that charge America’s newly digitized currency in order to skip the country and live the high life.
Once news of the A.P.I. leaks, Graham is left with only two weeks to pull off his complicated heist. He has to enlist the help of Kevin Cash and Shelby Dupree, both of whom have their own agendas, to pull off the last and greatest crime in American history. Based on the acclaimed graphic novel by Rick Remender. A stylish and innovative take on the futuristic crime heist genre."

The idea of some wave that would make angels out of criminals sounds rather farfetched, but for sure it makes for a funny premise to build on. Let's hope Sam Worthington will still keep the lead role then, because he's damn great actor.

Anyway, more details about the movie The Last Days of American Crime soon.